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Folders Sync

26 May

0325-sync-folder-thumb-100029454-large This may not be a problem for many people but folder syncing can be an issue, especially if you are like me, who has work spread out over at least three computers; one at home, one at the office, and a mobile computer (laptop/tablet/phablet). This is not to mention the syncing of work to online resources like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive before an injuction by Sky Media in the UK put an end to that – Microsoft should fire the guy who came up with that name as clearly they have no research capabilities) – so that should one by any chance not be at one of their computers but has access to an online machine, they can still get access to their work.

I scoured the web searching for useful solutions to this conundrum and here are the applications I have ended up installing on my computers – in a bid to keep my folders up to date most of the time.

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Install RPM with dependencies via CLI in openSUSE

15 Apr

So…this is most likely something trivial to many people, but I found myself googling this the last time I tried to install Skype on my office PC. So, should you not know or have forgotten how to install and RPM with dependencies in openSUSE, here are two ways that work like magic

Method 1 – Yast

The command to run is simple – and this works with the assumption that you have yast-ncurses installed to make yast work well in the command like interface

yast –i /path/to/your-package.rpm

This will refresh your configured repositories, resolve dependencies (if possible), confirm to you what is about to be installed, and then install them with a nice cli interface so to speak.

NB: With Yast, you can choose to browse the repositories for other things to install or update.

Method 2 – Zypper

The command to run is as follows

zypper in /path/to/your-package.rpm

This will refresh your repositories, resolve your dependencies (if possible), confirm to you what is to be installed, and then install them via a simple cli interface – not as complex as yast.

Cut a clip from a video file using Avidemux

23 Jan

avidemuxI know we are all aware of the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ with regard to the Apple Store and their gazillion apps. Well, I suppose that the same phrase can be used to refer to the open source world. Nowadays, you do not need to look too far to get an open source application that will do just about anything you want, from 3D animation with Blender to content management with DotNetNuke based on proprietary software.  Anyhow, here is how to do something quite simple and useful with a powerful video editing and converting software known as Avidemux.

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How to Resize a Batch of Images with XnView

4 Sep

As a web developer, I have come acroos this problem working with galleries, where your client gives you 4MB sized photos from his high res SLR camera and they just wont do. So, how to resize many photos all at once…well, here is a solution I like, and what I love mose about this solution is that it uses a FREE open-source cross-platform application called XnView! So, here goes. Please visit XnView.com for installation instructions for your platform.

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