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Folders Sync

26 May

0325-sync-folder-thumb-100029454-large This may not be a problem for many people but folder syncing can be an issue, especially if you are like me, who has work spread out over at least three computers; one at home, one at the office, and a mobile computer (laptop/tablet/phablet). This is not to mention the syncing of work to online resources like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive before an injuction by Sky Media in the UK put an end to that – Microsoft should fire the guy who came up with that name as clearly they have no research capabilities) – so that should one by any chance not be at one of their computers but has access to an online machine, they can still get access to their work.

I scoured the web searching for useful solutions to this conundrum and here are the applications I have ended up installing on my computers – in a bid to keep my folders up to date most of the time.

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Talking of New Technologies

24 Feb

And I am now officially on the Windows 8 wagon. I have come to the conclusion that for mobile computing, Windows or Mac is the best way to go if you want to avoid any hassles. I still however, believe in having a Linux or Unix box for my core services – that is what my home PC that delivers supporting services to the other computers in the house run.

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How to Create a bootable USB key from an image file

3 Feb

USB-iconOf late, for one reason or another, my burner is not writing discs properly. Now, while I chill to take the machine in because that is definitely a warranty issue, I needed to urgently fix my older laptop which I knew had hard disc issues and required to be ‘Spinrited’ – if you don’t mind the invention of the word. Anyhow, long and short of it is that if I required the services of DynaStat Data Recovery and I could not burn discs, then my flash drive would have to do. Not suprisingly, it is not the simplest thing to do, getting a flash disc to boot so here goes some tips on how to do so in Linux and Windows Continue reading

Manage your E-Books Library

15 Nov

kindleI love neat and useful gadgets. On my wish list is the iRobot Roomba robot that can clean floors while I am away at work but who am I kidding. TIA (this is Africa) and the dust in my neighborhood will make the motors in that thing pack up in one week max. My uneven floor wont help much either. Anyhow, I do own dust averse clever gadgets though, and this one I love. It’s my Kindle!

It’s a second gen Kindle Keyboard (curses all you Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire owners) but it works like a charm and for as long as it keeps doing so (or somehow gets lost), Amazon can keep releasing newer ones – I will not be deterred to buy another one. Though the $79 ad supported Kindle is quite tempting.

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Tips on how to (re)install grub on a HP ProLiant server

7 Mar

hp-proliant-g6-serverRecently, I needed to install Suse Linux Enterprise Server on a HP Proliant Server. The setup goes smoothly until I had to reboot the system, at which point, I got an error when I tried to boot from the hard disk – Error Loading Operating System. On booting with the installation disk in recovery mode, and trying to get grub to boot into the system on the hard disk, I kept on getting the error that /dev/had could not be found.

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Hello world!

29 Mar

Hello World!

I know, the above cliche seems inappropriate but I beg to differ. Changes have happened to this site once more! As you may have noticed, I still have a basic dark theme (I have to read black text on white backgrounds all day thus why my personal spaces have to be different…its refreshing…don’t you think?) but I have changed the whole platform!

All my previous sites were running on Joomla but I think I now understand why many blogs do not use that platform. It is immensely powerful but not designed for blogging. It has too many bells and whistles for a simple blog site, and frankly speaking, the lack of good support for blogging tools like Blogilo in KDE (which is what I am using now), Windows Live Writer in Windows (of course) and other blog editors is just a pain in the… That is the main reason for the move. Using a blogging tool also help on bandwidth and makes it a lot simpler to post content. So now that I am on a good platform, you bet you are going to see a lot more on this blog. By the way, for those who might be wondering which platform this is, its WordPress (the CMS version of WordPress, which you can find at WordPress.org, and not the online blogging version at WordPress.com)

As expected, there are challenges I am getting already, like looking for a good download manager for this platform. Joomla has a wide selection but am sure I can get one for wordpress; so if you have any ideas, please, do holla at me using the comments list. And while you are at it, I would also appreciate a nice contact me page plugin for this platform as well. Thanks in advance for your help world!

I have had quite a few experiences since the last time I was contributing to the blogosphere and I am ready to share with you world so do come back from time to time, or subscribe to my feed. For now, I think this is log enough for my introduction article. So for now…bye.