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Pesapal Donations Extension for Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x.x–Rough Draft

13 Apr

It has been a while since I worked on payment plugins but it seems like I am giving into the pressure. Find herein some code of some extensions that I have had for a while but for some reason I have not published.

These are rough working drafts of a donation extension for the Pesapal payment gateway. They do need some work but technically, they work. So for anybody who needs simple extension that will accept Pesapal payments – and even handle their IPN notices (yes – the extension will provide you with the URL for the IPN setting in Pesapal)

Find below the download links to the extensions

Pesapal Donate for Joomla 2.5.x (alternate download link)

Pesapal Donate for Joomla 3.x.x (alternate download link)

For some basic details into what the extensions do / how they work…read on

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Download Koowa Plugin for Joomla

1 Feb


Is it just me or do new frameworks for development have weird names. Could someone please advise me on where the name Nooku came from as the name of a PHP Framework? And its codename Koowa as well?

Anyhow, my little research has led me to the conclusion that Koowa or Nooku is an MVC PHP Framework, like many others, which can be used to build nice web applications…yada yada yada…you can read more about this on http://www.nooku.org/.

Now, should you ever install a Joomla extension that required Koowa…you will be hard pressed to find a download of the plugin. From what I gather, most installers pull it from somewhere (hopefully its source servers) using cURL or simply include it within the extension. But just in case for some reason you need to install Koowa as a plugin, feel free to use the link below to download an installable Joomla plugin for Koowa.

Download plg_koowa.zip

I created the installer from a plugin the required it and downloaded it for its own use. I have tested and ensured that it works even for other plugins that my depend on it. Please be careful though, not to break your Joomla site as there are reports of Koowa doing so.

Should any queries arise…ya’ll know what to do!

Free PesaPal Payment Plugin Virtuemart 2.0 (Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0)–Update 1

31 Dec

It is becoming aparent that I do some of my best work on the eves of holidays. So, it is new years eve, and here we go with an update to the Virtuemart + Pesapal plugin that I published on Christmas eve.

It came to my attention that Pesapal actually have an official plugin for virtuemart 2.0. I suppose, the more, the merrier. The only problem is for my test in Joomla 2.5 and latest virtumart, the plugin does not work. I also found quite a few issues it you have their plugin and my plugin installed. These therefore are the issues I am addressing in this update.

  • Added default image for pesapal upon installation of plugin
  • Changed name of plugin to btgpesapal to avoid conflict with Pesapal’s official plugin
  • Added check for shared php classes oauth and xmlhttprequest just incase another installed plugin is already implementing them thus preventing re-delaration errors
  • Added sys.ini language file for use on the front end of the Virtuemart shopping cart.
  • Added btgpesapal folder during installtion to avoid placing class files in root of plugin folder.
Tested On:
- Virtuemart v2.0.14
- Joomla v2.5.8
- PHP v5.3.10 & MySQL v5.5.20


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Free PesaPal Payment Plugin Virtuemart 2.0 (Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0)

24 Dec

Its been a while since I have given out free code. Not that I have not been developing. On the contrary, I think I have been developing a bit too much, causing me to forget to give back to the community that helps me develop in the first place.

It is Christmas Eve, and the world should have ended three days ago – according to the Myans. Now that we are all still here, well, I suppose it is time I release this plugin that I have had in my archive for quite a while, but simply had not gotten the time to publish it on the site. So here goes.

Tested On:
- Virtuemart v2.0.14
- Joomla v2.5.8
- PHP v5.3.10 & MySQL v5.5.20


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Hacking the K2 User Profile…again!

18 Jul

In my last post concerning K2 and its user profile, I detailed how to add fields to the Joomla!® User profile, and then have K2 show the added fields. While doing that, you will actually be changing the Joomla!® profile and you will not have actually changed the K2 user profile, apart from adding fields that will just be parsed on to the user component of Joomla!® to handle.

This time round though, I will detail how to actually add fields to the K2 user profile, without affecting the existing Joomla!® profile. The beauty of this hack is that it is now independent of the version of Joomla!® you may be running and only affects the K2 extension. So, here goes…

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Update to Free PesaPal Payment Module for Virtuemart 1.1.9 and (J1.5)

18 Jul

Since my last release of a PesaPal module for public consumption, PesaPal has changed a few things, which I believe I have mentioned from time to time on this forum. They are working on improving their system, and in as much as they are not where I would like them to be, at least they are more secure for sure.

The downside of these improvements to PesaPal is that my old plugin was broken and I have now just updated it. Please find below details on how to install the PesaPal payment module for Virturmart 1.1.9.

Please note that this is a major update and the old code will not work. And due to that, I am simply going to change all download links to the newer improved version of this code.

Tested On:
- Virtuemart v1.1.9
- Joomla v1.5.26
- PHP v5.3.10 & MySQL v5.5.20


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How Payment Gateways Actually Work

8 Jun

PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Alert Pay, and a host of other payment gateways…have you ever thought of how they actually work? And by actually work, I do not mean the simple redirecting to the payment gateways site, paying for an item, and being redirected back to the merchant site in a with a success or failure message.

Truthfully, for the most part, what I have just described above is to a great extent, how payment gateways work but there is more. A lot more. After developing quite a few PesaPal modules now for various systems, namely GeoDesic, Flynax, WordPress, Joomla, eDirectory, Jamroom and SkaDate to mention but a few,  I believe I have a deeper understanding of how payment gateways actually work. And below is a general description of this, from a developer’s perspective.

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