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The Great Run – Vol 5

3 Jun

WP_20140531_013 So…yeah – I attended the The Great Run (http://thegreatrun.org) over the weekend an boy was if fun. All the fast cars and the adrenaline that goes with it. This 5th edition of the run was taking participants from Nairobi to Mai Mahiu, Narok, Bomet, Mogogosiek (where the home we were supporting is), Litein, Kericho, Mau Summit, Nakuru, Naivasha and then back to Nairobi. 620 clicks – according to my odometer – when I was done.

The home being supported was the AIC Babies Home (yes – babies). Their youngest child was about 2 weeks old with the eldest being 7 years old. From what the Chairman of the home said – in his very loooooooong speech (he may have forgotten that people actually had to get back to Nairobi the same day…or maybe it is just what happens when leaders get hold of a microphone and an audience) – the home supports the young ones and then moves them on to other homes as they get older – and they get needy children from all over the region.

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Interesting Hack for PesaPal?

3 Nov

I recently had to integrate PesaPal in a very interesting way, needing me to think out of the box – as usual. To all those who know PesaPal  – integration wise, you are familiar with the way we simply iframe in the $iframe_src we come up with via the standard integration methods. What you may not know is that should you already be in an iframe when before calling in the PesaPal iframe – so that you have the pesapal iframe within another iframe – you break PesaPal functionality.

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