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Can you base a website on a Facebook Page? FBCMS?

10 Feb

Facebook-Business-PageFacebook as a Content Management System

I know this my sound weird but is it? There are quite a number of businesses – granted – small businesses that depend a great deal on their Facebook pages as their online representatives. The idea of that is not something I really like mainly because people on Facebook are normally looking for gossip or basically not looking to work. When we want to work, we normally resort back to our favorite search engine(s) and when looking to buy, our favorite classifieds, auction and ecommerce sites take center stage. Putting merchandise on Facebook leads to visibility by people who are not particularly interested in your product(s) but got to view it because for some reason your page happened to be within their second of third level of friendship zones or some other complicated yet not so complicated link.

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No Sooner has the system changed…than its been moved and upgraded!

23 Jun

wordpress-vs-joomla Its a wonder how I did not think of using this system earlier. I think I was overwhelmed by the power of joomla and simply refused to explore other systems believing that joomla can do anything and everything. I do not doubt that joomla can easily handle a blog, I mean, it has handled mine just fine for the last year or so, but WordPress is just so much better! One needs to know less about how content management systems work to use WordPress. That is more than I can say for Joomla! And I am still waiting with baited breadth for version 1.6 while dreading the extension compatibility issues that I know will be present when that move finally happens.

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