Who am I?

Allan is my name and I am skilled web developer and web consultant. In my line of work, I’m able to make it possible for people get the most out of their websites. As a systems admin, I also work at getting people to utilise the most out of the computer systems they may own, it be a laptop, a server, a phone, a network, etc.

What drives me?

Technology drives me. The art of making things simpler, doing things in a more efficient and beautiful way is something that just turns me on! (So to speak) I mean, from the mobile phone, to the kindle, to the iPad, to sending money and banking via SMS and USSD, all which just makes me shiver with the endless possibilities of things that we can do with tweaks in tech here and there.

Point of the blog?

In this blog, I share what I want to go right with the help of technology, suggests changes and tips that people can use to get the most out of their technology, and also details the things I do with the technology I have at my disposal, and what I could do with tech that I do not have and wish to get.

This is also my space to air views on my favorite pastimes and also vent about life in general. How cool!!!

How did I land here?

A while back, I came to realise that some of the tech problems I solve could be beneficial to others, and also want to evangelise proper use of tech available (I do not like it when people have access to great tech but are only using part of it) and so, here I am. Also, I had the privilege of growing up near a computer and that helped a great deal.

Furture goals?

Getting people to make the most out of every bit of technology they may own – connect your TV or  fridge, and radio to computer, and car to office, etc. As long as I am helping people effectively use all the tech they have at their disposal to the fullest of their potential, with the aim of making life easier and more interesting, then am good.


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