Creating a Twitter Widget

13 Jul

twitter-logo-3As a web developer, social media integration is something that nearly all my clients want – not withstanding how active or not they are on the various platforms available. For the most part – all I would need to integrate a Twitter Widget was the Twitter Username of the client. That for the most part has since changed and I am now starting to ask people to delve into settings pages that they would ordinarily not go to. So call this an online manual to not only simplify my life (by providing a simple page to redirect persons whom I need to this on my behalf) – but hopefully also reduce any frustration that other developers may go through when trying to get this simple crucial feature for their clients’ websites.

How To Create a Twitter Widget For Your Website

The first thing you need to do however is to visit the widgets page while signed in to your Twitter account. If you are not signed in – you will be required to sign in first. If you had created any widgets before,  they will be listed.  Click on the ‘Create New‘  button at the top right side.

This will give you a page like the one below

how-to-create-a-twitter-widget-for-your-websiteFind detailed below a Glossary of the Types of Widgets one can create

User timeline widget will display your timeline by default as long as your username is in the ‘Username’ check box. You can display any user’s public timeline by putting their username in the text box.

Favorites widget will display all the tweets you mark as favorites with your Twitter account.

List widget will display tweets and retweets from the list you specify in the ‘List’  text box.  Simply Enter the name of the list.  You can put the name of any public list in there.

Search Widget displays the results of the search query  you put in the ‘Search query’  text box.

Collections widget will display your Twitter collections on your website.

Other Options

The other options (Height, theme, options e.t.c.) to customize the look and feel of the widget.  It’s important to choose a theme that will blend well with your website’s theme.

When you are done preparing your widget,  click on the ‘Create Widget’  at the bottom to generate the widget code you will add to your website.

The widget will be created and the code made available for copying below the preview.  The preview just shows you what the code you are copying will look like on your website.


Copy and paste the code where you want it to appear on your website.

You can read more on the the widgets and dimensions from the Twitter developers page.

Your thoughts, comments, thanks and queries are welcome.

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