No Sooner has the system changed…than its been moved and upgraded!

23 Jun

wordpress-vs-joomla Its a wonder how I did not think of using this system earlier. I think I was overwhelmed by the power of joomla and simply refused to explore other systems believing that joomla can do anything and everything. I do not doubt that joomla can easily handle a blog, I mean, it has handled mine just fine for the last year or so, but WordPress is just so much better! One needs to know less about how content management systems work to use WordPress. That is more than I can say for Joomla! And I am still waiting with baited breadth for version 1.6 while dreading the extension compatibility issues that I know will be present when that move finally happens.


As you should have guessed by now, I am up to WordPress 3.0 – hot off the press. Above, I have just applauded WordPress at the expense of Joomla and here is the main reason why. It was so simple to upgrade WordPress, I am still whiplashed at how simple the upgrade process was!  All I had to do was click on the link in the dashboard that informed me of an available upgrade to the core WordPress system, provide FTP details, and wait 2 minutes while the system sorted itself out. It was an amazingly smooth upgrade process!

But…as with all forms of technology and especially software, there was a bug. The upgrade broke the plug-in upgrade function in the system. Luckily for me, the fix was simple. If you have recently upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and you find that you cannot upgrade your plug-ins anymore because for some reason, WordPress cannot create a folder it needs, all you have to do is delete or better still rename your upgrade folder (should be somewhere in wp-content)  and recreate it, preferably with global read write permissions, and your plug-in upgrades should now work.

Well, so far, so good. I will advise if I get any problems with this upgrade, and I will soon write about the amount of trouble it takes to move a WordPress blog from one URL to another. So, as a parting shot, if you are a developer, and want to try out WordPress, and your are most likely going to try and host it on your local machine, read this to find out how to move the blog from your local host to your online host. Caution, you will have to mess around with MySQL and edit the main config.php file. If you are an ordinary user, and want to try WordPress, and do not want to have to interface with php scripts or MySQL queries, pray that your hoster offers a one-click-install solution for WordPress, or follow this guide.

Oh, just before I go, to get WordPress 3, click here!

PS – If links are not working, it means there respective posts are not up yet. Check back in a day or two and they will be up!

One Response to “No Sooner has the system changed…than its been moved and upgraded!”

  1. Hosam July 20, 2011 at 2:28 PM #

    thank for this website, the process was easy and useful

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